Linda Van Polen , Former Associate Professor, Current Entrepreneur:

"Dr. Campos provided the perfect video. In addition to his phenomenal filmmaking talents, Dr. Campos is also a successful business leader, which allows him to understand your marketing objectives and to create a video that forwards your goals. I am confident that Dr. Campos's scientifc analysis and his creative genius will benefit every project that is lucky to have him as an asset."

Otto Folkers, Director of Transgenic Programs for Chromatin, Inc. :

"It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Campos and the Tek Sci team in the production of the promotional video for the Research Park. He explained everything in great detail and made it very easy to participate in the production process. The end product was really good, and portrayed us and our activities in the park quite well. We would certainly recommend TekSci to any company that is interested in producing a promotional or informational video."

Shawn Carlson, Senior Project Leader of Chromatin, Inc.:

"I was really impressed by the level of professionalism and enthusiasm that Dr. Campos showed for a video project featuring our company. His friendly demeanor made the entire experience enjoyable, and the finished product showed the energy and commitment that he puts into his productions. "

Dr. Kevin C. Chang, Founder of Cazoodle:

"Dr. Campos is friendly and easy to work with-- he not only makes the shooting of video feel like just talking to a friend, but also makes our small business look like we are going to change the world :)"

Andrew Stengele, President of Illini Film and Video:

"Dr. Campos has an incredible depth of technical knowledge regarding film. I learned so much about audio and video from him. He is an invaluable resource to the film-making community."

Jonathan Landers, Director of Photography:

"Dr. Campos is an amazing director to work with. He runs a truly professional set, and he is always prepared for the day's shoot. I have never met another director with such enthusiasm for science and for directing. His energy is contagious: everybody loves working on Dr. Campos's productions."

Tara Ray, former student:

"Dr. Campos is one of my favorite teachers! He makes difficult science concepts intuitive and easy to understand. I wish all my teachers were like him!!!"