About Tek Sci

Tek Sci Productions is about helping your clients understand your products.

Dr. Campos is proud to use his unique synergy of talents to teach science products through video. Dr. Campos attracts top quality creative talent as collaborators, because his credentials readily distinguishes him as a leader in industrial videos.

Tek Sci Productions directly reflects Dr. Campos's attitude: We are proud to help those who improve the health of others.

Mission statement

Tek Sci Productions provides high-quality corporate videos for Life Science industry. We are skilled specialists who seek to expand our influence to benefit the most people. We respect our clients and persuade them by honestly informing them of potential mutual benefits.

Vision statement

Tek Sci Productions desires to be the trusted name within our Life Science video niche. We seek to build respect, so companies are assured of a quality product when they collaborate with us.

Value statement

Tek Sci Productions values skill, attitude, and integrity. We are proud of our expertise and seek to collaborate with others who are similarly adept. We believe that progress should benefit all parties: our clients, Tek Sci, and viewers of the final video. We know that an honest presentation of our credentials and abilities is the ultimate persuasion for our clients.

Our corporate image is "decidedly reliable" with a "spark of creativity." Our clients are corporate, marketing, tradeshow, and product planners. While flexible to our clients' situations, we are NOT the cheapest and fastest answer to every business's video needs.

We are quality. We offer a PhD writer/director who thoroughly understands our clients' products and customers, who has the teaching ability to convey information through video, and who has the leadership to inspire collaborators on his business and creative team. We serve Life Science businesses seeking the best video for their high-quality innovative products.